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"I've been eating clean for a while and lost a bunch of weight but ended up binging hard and gaining it all back. I knew I wanted to be healthier and fit but couldn't handle extreme restriction. 

Since Mike introduced me to flexible dieting (IIFYM) I have finally started to see the results and it just made sense to me. I've lost 5.5 kg in 1 month without strict restriction. It's been sustainable and I wish I had found flexible dieting sooner."



I thought the only way to lose weight and get fit was to ‘eat clean’ at an extreme caloric deficit, something I find very difficult to stick with. I have no problem with vegetables and salads but I also like chocolate, fast food and bread and I did not want to go the rest of my life without eating them again, but the feeling of guilt and failure is too painful when I failed the "clean-eating" routine.

After getting Mike's Flexible Diet Plan course, I was thrilled when I realized NO food was off limits. I can basically eat anything I want as long as it fits me. This method does not heavily restrict calories but encourages a moderate deficit for sustainable fat loss. 

Now I can FULLY ENJOY my meals whenever i'm out eating with my buddies and family. I’ve lost 7kg since September and losing weight has never been this easy and much fun for me. I cannot recommend this course enough.”



I’d had weight loss success with ‘clean eating’ in the past but I it is too restrictive and dull to maintain long term because I love food. Mike’s course promotes a healthy and balanced relationship with food. There are no ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ foods, no cutting out certain foods completely, no gimmicks.

After months of feeling uncomfortable and overweight I finally made a commitment to lose weight with Mike’s flexible dieting course. I’ve been following Mike's method  for 4 weeks now and I’ve already lost 4.5kg plus 7cm off my waist, and 5cm off my hips!

This course clearly explains how to calculate what your daily macro intake should be. A little bit of time spent weighing and measuring your food means you’re in control – and you can make that chocolate or ice-cream craving fit into your day without feeling guilty.”




Believe me, if you want to lose weight, I can tell you exactly how to do it :

  • Without hunger!
  • Without low energy!
  • Without pills!
  • Without giving up good food!

And, best of all, I can show you how to do it fast ( very fast ) without spending hardly any money. Listen: My name is Mike Powell and, not long ago, my weight was 550 pounds! I felt like a freak and I wanted to die. Until I found something so powerful that help me climb out of this fat body.


  MYTH NO. 1  

Extreme diets work.

NOT TRUE! In fact, extreme dieting can be harmful to your health. When your body is deprived of food, two things automatically kick in : One, your metabolic rate slows down to make up for fewer calories; and two, your desire to binge increases.

  MYTH NO. 2  

Counting calories is the best way to lose weight.

NOT SO! Most people think the best way to lose weight is to eat fewer calories. But this actually promotes the "yo-yo" effect of starvation diets. You lose some weight, only to gain it back -- and more -- soon after.

  MYTH NO. 3  

Your weight woes are due to overeating or lack of exercise alone.

FALSE! Too many overweight people figure they can lose weight simply by" fixing their diet and exercising regularly. But unfortunately, they ignore the hidden causes of weight gain -- and fail to lose weight

  MYTH NO. 4 

It's impossible to lose weight successfully and maintain it.

DON'T BELIEVE IT! You can lose weight -- and maintain it.

With this scientific-proven and healthy diet... people are proving it that it's absolutely possible.

Over  100,000  Dieters Turned To This

Scientific-Approach To Eat Chocolate &

BURN THE FAT With 99.9% Success Rate!

This diet is called "Flexible Diet Plan" and has been tested and proved over and over again. How can you get such wonderful results?

Simple... here's a "little-secret" :


The amazing thing about this diet is that you get all the nutrition you need... you do not count calories... and you eat as much as you want! - as long as it fits your macro.

Feel the urge for a midnight snack? Go ahead.

You don't have to put up with hunger pangs. Nor do you have to feel guilty or regret after meal. 

It honestly works! - It guarantees to help you lose weight — It's super easy to follow - and most important - It gives you the long-term results that you need.

What's More, The Best Results Seem To

Happen For People Who Have Had The

Most Trouble Losing Weight Before

Here's why : Most of the diet only get you to lose water weight, muscle weight, and are on the verge of malnutrition instead of burning fat.

If your fat cells don't burn up like they should, you could go on every diet ever created and still not lose the weight you want.

In fact, starving yourself will only make your body panic and store more fat -- while you burn up precious lean muscle

That's why this formula makes so much sense. There is no strict dieting - - you eat normally, and you don't have to give up all the foods you love. You won't feel deprived for a single minute. 


Eat any food you want

Feel normal while dieting

FAT LOSS instead of weight loss


Binge eating prevention

Improve overall HEALTH CONDITION

I'd like to introduce you the

Flexible Diet Plan.

A STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO TRAINING "mapped out" a strategical way to INSTANTLY accelerate your weight loss... and it's so simple and easy.

The course itself explains everything important in all the detail you could ever want... but you can also go right to the steps that map out what you need to actually do...

So you can get started as soon as your next meal!

The course is design in such a way so that it's easy to follow, yet also extremely thorough because I really don't want to withhold any information from you. I want you to succeed every last bit as much as I did.

Here's just a few neat secrets

you're about to learn :

  • You'll learn the inside out of "Flexible Dieting" and steps you can quickly take up this LIFE & BODY FIGURE changing lifestyle
  • Learn the "7-limbo" and stop the vicious circle of binging and dieting
  • How to "Hit Your Macro" so you can consistently drop those extra pounds while eating your favorite chocolate cake ( you'll absolutely love this one... )
  • How to activate your metabolism and makes them operate 200% faster
  • You'll also learn this #1 ESSENTIAL SKILL of flexible dieting that is way better than just counting calorie so you don't have to worry about what you eat daily ( super-easy! )
  • You get the specific formulas for both men and women and how to calculate your TDEE so you can lose weight with NOTICEABLE RESULTS and keep'em off FOREVER
  • You'll learn different lifestyle of calorie intake, depending on your level of activities - sedentary, light or heavy to make sure it is specifically tailored for you personally.
  • You'll get my 5-day meal plan so you can get started instantly and what know to do when missed your macro.
  • A list of tools & websites that can help you in situations where you might get confused, like when it comes to calculating calories.

I Also Want To Give You Some Awesome LIMITED-TIME Gifts  Available TODAY ONLY! 

20 Delicious Recipes For Boosting Your Metabolism ( $39.95 ) FREE! 

Now this is just a little something that I threw in, that is a result of some of my research and trials. What you'll get in this bonus are 20 recipes for some delicious meals, and my personal favorites, that actually do way more than just fill your stomach with delicious, yet nutritious food.

These recipes are for meals that actually serve a bigger purpose, since they are designed to boost your metabolism and accelerate your results. How great is that?

12-Week IIFYM Workout Plan

( $29.95 ) FREE! 

The "12-Week IIFYM Workout Plan" which is designed for those who are following IIFYM / Flexible Dieting. 

Most people spend their time struggling in the gym with an incomplete training  -- which simply means that your body will add as little muscle as necessary to get the job done.

This workout plan comes with a complete workout calendar and checklist so you can create impact on your progress and get results.



I'm inviting you to live better and happier, by using my Flexible Diet Plan as much as you want in the next 60 days

How can I do that? Easy : If you're not absolutely amazed by the results you're getting for the next 60 days, just send me an email and I'll refund every cent of your purchase price. We'll still be friends, and no hard feelings.

Let me know and I will personally issue a full refund, absolutely no questions asked.

But I seriously doubt you'll be asking for money back. Everyone I know who has come on board has seen exactly the kind of unlimited.


Your discount expires when the timer runs out...




Click Here To Get A Copy Of Flexible Diet Plan

I sincerely look forward to seeing you achieve true satisfaction. Remember, you are good just the way you are, on the inside and the outside, and with a little work, you'll become an even better version of yourself. But always remember to be yourself, accept yourself and value yourself.

Mike Powell​

P.S. I really hope you won't miss out on this opportunity. You are being given a chance to achieve something most are just aspiring to towards - to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, losing weight and still not having to give up your favorite restaurants and treats, all combined with the life-philosophy of self-love and self-acceptance. Doesn't that just sound like a premium deal? I think so, too.

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